TEDxGaborone – Gomolemo Lolo Madikgetla – Co-Organizer

In Marketing by Mark Sylvester

The Hack:
Knowing your 'why' will get you through the exhaustion


Gomolemo Lolo Madikgetla, Lolo for short, is the co-organizer of TEDxGaborone, in Botswana, and has an impressive background in Marketing and Finance. Note: every organizer on this podcast has an amazing CV.

She got involved with TEDx by getting a scholarship to TEDxChange and getting to TEDxWomen. Her thoughtful conversation and reflection of ideas and how she thinks about her audience and the team are worth taking note of.

She says that she and her team are "very curious." She has a philosophy about storytelling that is captivating and understands that if you want to make a difference with the audience, you have to target the left side of their brain differently than the right side. You'll have to listen to understand her point of view in detail.

Her advice for first-time organizers is to remember that the opening and the closing talks are the most critical - then to cluster your talks thematically. At their TEDx, they've focused on poverty, Africa and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Her biggest challenge is keeping the flame alive and admits that co-organizing a TEDx event is very difficult and you have to have a clear understanding of your 'why' to keep you energized through the inevitable troughs when you're exhausted.

Finally, she is aware enough to remind us to avoid being tripped up by pride or your ego. Great advice Lolo.

My storytelling philosophy is to consider the audience as the hero in the story. Gomolemo Lolo Madikgetla, TEDxGaborone Co-Organizer

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