TEDxHyderabad – Viiveck Verma – Anthony Vipin Das – Co-Organizers

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The Hack:
Make the most of what you have


Alerted to an amazing TEDx's theater design posted on Facebook, we sought out the organizers of TEDxHyderabad to walk us through the fantastic video and tell us the story.. Please meet Vipin and Viiveck, the co-organizers of the event and a lively pair of conversationalists who told us that story and more.

Ironically Facebook came up at the beginning of the show when they told me how they hadn't known one each other, and no one on the team had known one another until a post appeared asking people to volunteer for the event.

Their 2018 TEDx, with over 2,500 people, was held in the 400-year-old city of Hyderabad. Watch the video posted below to see how they transformed the space into a stunning technological wonder - and listen to the show to hear how things just barely made it by showtime.

We talked about how they've interpreted the TEDx Mission of 'Ideas Worth Spreading' into their local Mission which is to "Build a community of (T)hinkers, (E)nablers, and (D)oers with the X standing for a single idea." Listen as they go into detail on how this Mission is a binding theme that pulls their team together.

Team is a consistent theme for TEDxHyderabad. In their advice to existing organizers, they suggest focusing on building sustainability into the team structure.

Listeners will note at the end that I was invited to join them in Hyderabad and we're going to do the next best thing which is to meet at TEDSummit 2019 in Scotland!

We found our entire team on Facebook. TEDxHyderabad - Viiveck Verma - Anthony Vipin Das - Co-Organizers

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