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Mark Sylvester, Co-Organizer, TEDxSantaBarbara, Host, Hacking The Red Circle Podcast

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In this special episode, recorded in September 2018 right after TEDxSantaBarbara, Mark Sylvester, the host of Hacking the Red Circle, is interviewed by TEDxLincoln’s Randy Bretz and TEDxLaçador’s Ana Goelzer. This podcast is the first time he’s told his TED story, he also tells about the founding of this podcast and his hopes for the TEDx community of organizers.

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TEDxLaval, Ermenegildo Gildo Conte, Organizer

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Gildo Conte is the Organizer of TEDxLaval, located on an island next to Montreal, in Quebec, Canada. His passion and energy are infectious, and I bet it’s great fun being a part of his small, five-person team. His first brush with TED was when his kids said, “Dad, do you know about TED?” He says that it was a magical moment for him.

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TEDxBeaconStreet – John Werner, Organizer

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John Werner is the Organizer of TEDxBeaconStreet, one of the top TEDx events that other Organizers would love to visit. In this episode, you’ll learn why John and his event have been so successful, with over 86 million views of their Talks since 2010. John’s very generous towards everyone that has helped him build a staggeringly connected community. John’s been …

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TEDxWilmington, Ajit Mathew George, Organizer

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Ajit George is the Organizer of TEDxWilmington, located in Delaware. He is a bundle of energy, as evidenced by the fact that his tribe produces 12 events a year, with 172 speakers and 164 talks. It takes an incredible amount of organization to manage the sheer volume of speakers and attendees. They’ve had 7.4M views of their talks since they starting producing their event in 2011.

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TEDxShekhawati – Masarat Daud, Organizer

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How do you prepare an event for 7,000 people in rural India from 4,100 miles away in London, and don’t hit the ground running until a week before the event? In this episode, we talk with Masarat Daud, the Organizer of TEDxShekhawati, located about 150 miles west of New Dehli. There were so many challenges producing this event that you’ll not want to miss a minute of this compelling conversation.