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TEDxECUAD – Scott Mallory, Organizer

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Scott Mallory is the lead organizer for TEDxECUAD. This is a university event held in Vancouver at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. This year was their second event, and the interview was just a few days after the event concluded. Scott is an ECUAD MFA graduate and DDM instructor. Scott talks about how art and design permeate everything …

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TEDxAmsterdam – Paul Rispens

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I’d been looking forward to posting this conversation with TEDxAmsterdam’s organizer Paul Rispens for some time now. I’d heard such great things about the event, and it’s on the list of TEDx events other organizers would like to attend. Paul has been involved with TEDx since 2009 and works with a core team of 30. This episode is a lively …

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TEDxBuffalo – Alexandra Opiel Organizer

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Alexandra Opiel started at TEDxBuffalo as a volunteer, eventually replacing the original license holder and has run the event for the past three years. By days she’s a project manager for a local Buffalo real estate development company, which is a perfect skill set to bring to the role of a TEDx Organizer. She naturally seeks out more responsibility, and …

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TEDxAugusta – TEDxGeorgiaTech -Grace and Chloe Belangia – Mother Daughter Team

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This was the first mother-daughter podcast we’ve done. Mom is Grace Belangia, organizer of TEDxAugusta and Chloe Belangia, her daughter, is the organizer of TEDxGeorgiaTech. It was great to meet them in person at TEDFest and have the opportunity to enjoy the family dynamic in action. You’ll love the back and forth between these two energetic TEDsters.

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TEDxLilongwe Vincent Kumwenda Organizer

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Vincent Kumwenda is the Organizer of TEDxLilongwe, located is the capital of Malawi. Because they are next to the second largest lake in the world, they focus on ideas that address local issues, such as Agriculture, Fishing, and the burgeoning startup economy. An interesting fact that you won’t be able to tell from listening is that Vincent called me on …

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TEDxBrisbane – Juanita Wheeler, Organizer

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When Juanita Wheeler, Organizer of TEDxBrisbane, attended TEDxSouthBankWomen in 2012, she was at a crossroads. She was a director of global marketing for a multinational corporation, but she had fallen out of love with her work. She wanted to do something bigger, something more important, and something that would change the world. Enter TEDxBrisbane. Now, in 2018, Juanita is a full-time organizer and has enlisted her entire family to help.

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TEDxBlumenau – Humberto Cardoso Filho, Organizer

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Humberto Cardoso Filho is the organizer for TEDxBlumenau, located in the southern part of Brazil, near the coast. He and his team have produced 11 main events and 7 Salons, all under 100 people. He recently attended TEDfest, so the population limit was removed for the event held in March 2018 which had 300 attendees. They’re going to take it …